With a commitment to revolutionizing industries, we harness the power of technology to deliver excellence.


We assist customers in adopting and managing cloud technologies, enabling scalable and flexible infrastructures for increased efficiency and cost savings. DTI has extensive experience migrating digital assets, services, databases, IT resources, and applications to the cloud, and we manage Data Center services on premise and remote Disaster Recovery sites.


DTI manages the Risk Management Framework and cybersecurity operations, providing services such as FISMA compliance, vulnerability mitigation, identity and access management, Zero Trust implementation, Plan of Actions and Milestones remediation, and more.

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DTI provides expertise in data collection, analysis, mapping, profiling, mining, and modeling. We inspect, cleanse, transform, and model data, addressing issues related to data quality and completeness.


DTI: Elevating IT Infrastructure Operations and Modernization for Seamless Network, Data, and Asset Management
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Our experts ensure applications comply with security standards while supporting customer functional requirements.

Network Infrastructure

TI manages 24X7 operation and maintenance of enterprise IT infrastructure, including architectural design, network hardware, security appliances, and software supporting IT-enabled operations.

Service Desk Support

We provide 24X7 ITSM end-to-end delivery of IT services, manage end user devices and critical software applications, and leverage core processes following the ITIL framework.

Logistics/Asset Management

We manage asset lifecycle, tracking IT hardware and software licenses, coordinating with various stakeholders for effective asset management.

Audio Visual Support

We design, install, and operate audio and video solutions for communication and collaboration, implementing full conference room systems.


DTI manages office desk and mobile phone services, integrating audio and video services with phone systems and resolving service issues.

Data Center Management

DTI ensures 24X7 operational Data Center services, analyzing server compute, storage, networking, cabling, UPS, and HVAC.


Efficiently Drive and Manage Business Operations with DTI. Optimize business with DTI: contracts, programs, planning, grants, admin support – all expertly managed.

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Contract Acquisitions

DTI supports contract management processes, performs acquisition data analysis, and manages the Government Purchase Card Program.

Program Management

Our certified PMPs deliver program and project management services, adhering to PMI guidelines and standards.

Strategic Planning / Governance

We assist in defining vision, goals, and objectives, establishing a cohesive discipline that increases effectiveness.

Grants Management

DTI reviews recipient cash expenditure reports, tracks actions to complete approved projects, and reviews grant recipient reports.

Administrative Support

Our Administrative Assistants provide support to executives, manage schedules, handle correspondence, organize meetings, and ensure smooth operations.